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The Artist Road Guest Guide                                         

Welcome to The Artist Road Home, a real spacious home in downtown Santa Fe.
Here are a few items to note:
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the Artist road
  • You may smoke in the gardens away from doors and windows
  • Please don’t forget to put out your cigarettes butts and throw them away in the outside trash bin
Please remove your shoes when inside the house. Especially in the carpeted areas. There is a shoe rack on the front porch and on the left side of the kitchen door for your use
  • Before going to bed, please remove makeup and oily lotion that may cause stains 
  • Each bathroom has 2 rolls grey washcloths to remove makeup, please use it and help us and to keep our sheets in good shape
Network:  NETGEAR29
Router located in the living room
  • If the router is not working, to reset it, unplug and wait 30 seconds then plug it back in. if it didn't work check the outage map for Exfinity press here
The Artist Road : The thermostat is on the wall in the hallway between the second and third bedroom.
please shut all windows and doors while using the A/C and heating element
Additional Heating: in case heat is needed on cold days, in the closet in the master bedroom you can find 2 space heaters. Please ensure before turning it on, that nothing is against them that may be flammable
# in the kitchen under the sink                     
The access to the unit is from the front door, from the pedestrian gate 
Unlock the door: The entry door has access code with electronic locks
  1. Press the Schlage botton, then Enter the access code into the keypad. A green light will indicate the code is accepted.
  2. Rotate the deadbolt that is under the keypad AWAY from the door opening, unlocking the deadbolt.
  3. Lock the door: Press the Schlage button, Rotate the deadbolt latch clock wise . 
  4. WARNING If the light flashes red, the code may have been entered incorrectly. Allow 5 seconds for the lock to reset and try again.
  • You have 2 parking spots in the driveway.
  • Additional parking spots available on the street for free if needed
  • If you choose to park inside the driveway, the remote control located in the little nook in the kitchen. you can open/close gate door
  • Please flush toilet paper down the toilet bowls Only
  • Do not overfill with toilet paper
  • Please report clogs during your stay
  • LIVING ROOM: Comcast Xfinity HD Cable gives access to an assortment of free channels via the xfinity remote control.
  • For additional channels that are not included, fee will apply
  • BEDROOMS: The master bedroom and the king size bedroom have smart SAMSUNG TV for your convenience. The house has 2 remote controls. 
  • If any cables were moved during your stay, please return them to the original outlets before you check out
  • We wish you a soft landing at our property and we provide you a starter pack
  • Kitchen: water, munchies, coffee, tea, sugar, salt, pepper, trash bags, paper towels, sponges, some cleaning supplies including dish washing soap etc. 
  • You can drink tap water in Santa Fe. The kitchen fridge in features a water filter and ice dispenser (not working)
  • Bathrooms: hand soap, body wash, conditioner, shampoo, hair dryer and 2 extra rolls of toilet paper, deodorizer and some cleaning supply
  • Anything else you need, you can find at Market Street, Sprouts and CVS in the DeVargas Shopping Center
  • There are 2 breaker boxes in the main house
  • One breaker box is in master bedroom closet and the second in back porch of the main house.
  • If all the breakers are on and still no electricity check the link here for pnm outage map
  • Trash bins are located in the end of the driveway (main house)
  • Trash day is Monday morning. Please place bins on the road on Sunday night with a minimum of 3 feet distance between each bin and if applicable to your stay, return them to the side of the house by Tuesday if it is empty.
  • Recycle: paper, plastic and aluminum 
  • Don’t recycle: Styrofoam or glass
  • The lights will turn on automatically in the evening and will turn off in the morning.
  • Works on propane tank. Before using the grill the valve must be opened.
  • Please after use the grill shut the valve and knobs off completely and Once the grill is cool enough replace the cover
  • The Artist Road House have 3 fire-places, 2 are working:
  • The den room it's only decorative fire-place for lights candle only
  • The living room has gas fire-place, to light it on you need to use the thermostat on the opposite wall from the fire-place, increase the temperature of the thermostat. to turn it off just decrease the temperature down
  • The dining room has gas fire-place. The full instructions how to operate it you can find in the kitchen nook, please read it carefully before use. 
  • Outdoor has firepit in the garden. please avoid damage and fire hazard. 
  •  indoor and outdoor fireplaces: before using the fireplaces take extra cautions. for the fire pit make sure that the fire extinguisher is readily available. 
  • Always must use caution while fire is burning. The fire is never to be left burning without adult presence at all times.
  • If you would like to use the fire pit supplies can be purchased at the Market Street grocery store in the DeVargas Shopping Center,  4minutes driving distance. 
  • Laundry facilities:
  • Laundry facilities are in the hallway to the right hand side towards the master bedroom
  • We provide laundry detergent, softener and dryer sheets in the closet in the hallway to the master bedroom. For long term  we don't provide detergent or softener.  
  • The iron and ironing board are located in the master bedroom closet

  • They can be found in each bathrooms. 

  • Please help us save natural resources and cleaning costs by limiting your towel usage to one set per guest.

  •  We offer the option to use the sofa bed for a fee of $25 per night  
  • The grey couch turn into queen sofa beds
  • On snow days please take extra cautions, avoid slippery.  
  • For your safety please don't access the casita area (it's storage)
  • The Artist Road Home is pet friendly 
  • we made huge effort to respect guest that don't have pets and we separate beddings, sheets, towels, decorative pillows  and rugs. please respect our rules, that we will continue accommodate guest with pets. 
  • Please keep your pets in your designated unit
  •  Pets are allowed only with written approval by management at the time of setting the reservation, payment of the pet fee and with your agreement to follow ground-rules prior to your stay 
  • Don't allow pets to poop or pee in the interior or exterior gardens, courtyards and driveway 
  • Please do not allow pets in bed or on furniture
  • If possible, please keep your pets in the kennel while they are home alone
  • Don’t flush pet’s poop down the toilet; it clogs the toilet. Use a small trash bag and throw it away into the outdoor trash bins on the side of the house
  • If your pet sheds please brush them outside before entering the property. For extra caution, we can provide a cover to prevent the spread of hair on furniture
  • In case the unit has sofa cover please don't remove it in any time included departure. let our crew to remove it. 
  • For cats: please bring a sanitary litter box that minimizes odors. If accidents do occur, clean them immediately and take precautions to mitigate future occurrences
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