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Casita Rosario B - Guest Guide

Welcome to Casita Rosario (B) a historic downtown home which was originally built in 1898. Here are a few items to note:


  • Smoking is not allowed indoors.
  • You may smoke in the garden away from doors and windows.
  • Please don’t forget to put out your cigarettes butts and throw them away in the outside trash bin.


  • Please remove your shoes when inside the house. Especially in the carpeted areas. There is a shoe rack on the right side of the door, next to the office desk for your use.


  • Before going to bed, please remove makeup and oily lotion that may cause stains.
  • Each bathroom has 2 rolls of grey washcloths to remove makeup, please use it and help us to keep our white sheets and towels stain free. 
  • To avoid extra charges If you use lubricant oil/silicon base, we ask you to use towels to avoid stain the sheets or the bedding. these oily stain won't come out and we will need to buy new set of sheets and bedding.


Casita Rosario (B)
  • Network: CasRos or CasRos-5G   Password: Fun&Rel@x@tion
  • Router is located in Casita Rosario, in the laundry closet above the washer/dryer stack.  
  • If the router light is anything other than steady white, please reset it prior to any further troubleshooting. Unplug and wait 30 seconds then plug it back in.
  • If resetting the router does not restore the Wifi, check the XFinity Outage Map to ensure there is not a regional outage. 


  • Please shut all windows and doors while using the A/C 
  • Casita Rosario (B): The thermostat is located on the wall to the left of the main french-door entrance behind the curtain (the opposite side of the french-doors from the office desk).
  • While using the fire place we recommend to turn off the A/C to avoid odor smell. 
Fire extinguisher


Casita Rosario (B): 
  • In the kitchen under the sink
  • Inside the garage, on the right side of the door to the courtyard


Casita Rosario (B): 
  • In the kitchen, under the sink


The electronic locks will auto-lock immediately after you close it.
  • please pay attention, that the door handle has round finger print reader, please avoid touch it
  • After 3 unsuccessful attempts, the lock will switch to security lock. If this is the case, wait for 5 minutes for the security lock to reset and try the code again.
  • Please lock other exterior doors manually from inside before you leave home.
  • To manually lock the door, press and hold the # sign until it locks.                       
Casita Rosario (B):
  • Ensure the french-doors are pulled firmly to ensure they are closed properly.
  • During your stay, you may lock the red gate with the antique lock but upon leaving the property, ensure the gate is unlocked.


  • Please do not throw anything other than toilet paper in toilets
  • Do not throw pet poop down the toilet or overfill with toilet paper
  • Please report clogs during your stay


  • Comcast Xfinity HD Cable gives access to an assortment of free channels via the Xfinity remote control
  • Operate Tv: turn on the tv with the Toshiba remote control, if it's show no signal,  press INPUT choose APPLE TV 2, then you can watch the Xfinity channels to cruise between the channels use the Xfinity remote control. For YOUTUBE, NETFLIX etc press on the HOME button and choose the APP you like, use the TOSHIBA remote. 
  • AppleTV by logging in with your Apple ID gives access to an assortment of channels via apple remote. press INPUT change the source to APPLE TV 1. 
  • Sound System at & Casita Rosario (B): The TV provides great sound through the attached Bose MiniLink speaker which needs to be turned on/off manually. The volume can be controlled via the TV Remote while using Xfinity TV broadcast and the AppleTV remote while using AppleTV
  • For extended stays only, we can contact our cable provider Xfinity to turn on additional channels, for a fee.
  • If any cables were moved during your stay, please return them to the original state before you check out.


  • We wish you a soft landing at our property and we provide you a starter pack:
  • Kitchen: water, munchies, coffee, tea, sugar, salt, pepper, trash bags, paper towels, sponges, some cleaning supplies including dish washing soap etc. 
  • You can drink tap water in Santa Fe. The kitchen fridge in the casita, unit B, has ice trace to make ice 
  • Bathrooms: hand soap, body wash, conditioner, shampoo, hair dryer and 2 extra rolls of toilet paper, deodorizer and some cleaning supply
  • Laundry supplies: laundry detergent & dryer sheets
  • Anything else you need, you can find at Market Street, Sprouts and CVS in the DeVargas Shopping Center


Casita Rosario (B):
  • Breaker box is located in the back courtyard, on the wall to the left as you exit the small bedroom. You may also access the breaker box from the left side of the courtyard and follow the hallway around to the right.
  • EMERGENCY LIGHTS: In case of a power outage, each room is equipped with a handheld flashlight that turns on when the power goes out.  Please return the lights to the outlet when they are no longer needed
  • If all the breaker are on and still no electricity check the link here for pnm outage map


  • Trash bins are located by the driveway at the left side of the main house
  • Trash day is Monday morning. Please place bins on the road on Sunday night with a minimum of 3 feet distance between each bin and please don't block the driveway. If applicable to your stay, return them to the side of the house by Monday night after pickup.
  • Do Recycle: Paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum only.
  • Glass: Glass can only be recycled at these designated collection points around the city. 
  • Don’t recycle: Styrofoam


  • Every bedroom has a USB and electrical outlet by the bed.
  • If any outlets are not functioning, please let us know.


Casita Rosario (B):  
  • The landscape lighting is manual. If you wish to turn it on/off, the switch is on the wall near the thermostat to the left wall as you are entering the place from the courtyard. We put blue laser lighting in the tree, It is magical
  • Please turn off the landscape lighting after each use
  • The gate lights are located inside the garage on the right side of the door. 


Casita Rosario (B):
  • Works with propane tanks. The valve is located on the propane tank underneath the grill. Before using the grill the valve must be opened.
  • Please shut the valve and knobs off completely and cover the grill after each use.
  • the front yard has a grill and a private seating area among the garden. Please make sure to turn the knobs and valves off. Once the grill is cool enough replace the covers​


Casita Rosario (B):
  • Laundry facilities are in the closet between the kitchen and living room
  • We provide laundry detergent, softener and dryer sheets
  • The iron and ironing board are located in the second bedroom (full size bed)


  • Casita Rosario B: They can be found in the armoire in the full size bedroom.

  • Please help us save natural resources and cleaning costs by limiting your towel usage to one set per guest.


  • We offer sofa beds if an additional guest payment has been received.
Casita Rosario (B): 
  • The gray couch turns into a sofa bed
  • in the turquoise armoire in hallway by the bedrooms you will find: mattress padding, extra pillows, blanket and a clean set of sheets
  • If you use the couches, please let us know so we can launder the sheets after you.


  • Rosario (B) is pet friendly casita. 
  • we made huge effort to respect guest that don't have pets and we separate beddings, sheets, towels, decorative pillows sofa covers and rugs. please respect our rules, that we will continue accommodate guest with pets. 
  • Pets are allowed only with written approval by management at the time of setting the reservation, payment of the pet fee and with your agreement to follow ground-rules prior to your stay 
  • Please keep your pets in your designated unit
  • Don't allow pets to poop or pee in the interior or exterior gardens, courtyards and driveway 
  • Please do not allow pets in bed or on furniture. we do use a sofa cover for the sofa, please don't remove it, if you have your own covers, towels, sheets, bedding you are welcome to use them and we can storage our in our storage unit. 
  • If possible, please keep your pets in the kennel while they are home alone
  • Don’t flush pet’s poop down the toilet; it clogs the toilet. Use a small trash bag and throw it away into the outdoor trash bins on the side of the house and not in the arroyo. we have so many parks in walking distance that your pets will love . Link Fort Marcy Park
  • If your pet sheds please brush them outside before entering the property. For extra caution, we can provide a cover to prevent the spread of hair on furniture
  • For cats: please bring a sanitary litter box that minimizes odors. If accidents do occur, clean them immediately and take precautions to mitigate future occurrences


  • Our gardener has a bi-weekly schedule to maintain a beautiful garden for you. In summer months, garden maintenance is usually every other Wednesday. If schedule changes, we will inform you in advance.


The property address is:
303 Rosario Hill,
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Unit B

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